QA Engineering Bootcamp (Video Course)

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About Course

This Video Course is basically designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the

field of software quality assurance. This comprehensive training program covers various aspects of QA engineering,

including testing methodologies, tools, best practices, and industry standards.



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What Will You Learn?

  • 1.Introduction to QA Engineering:
  • Understanding the role of QA in the software development life cycle.
  • Exploring the importance of quality assurance in delivering reliable and high-performance software.
  • 2.Testing Fundamentals:
  • Covering the basics of software testing, including types of testing (unit testing, integration testing, system testing, etc.).
  • Learning how to write effective test cases and test plans.
  • 3.Test Automation:
  • Introduction to test automation tools and frameworks.
  • Hands-on exercises for creating and executing automated test scripts.
  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of test automation.
  • 4.API Testing:
  • Understanding the significance of API testing in modern software development.
  • Hands-on experience with tools for API testing and validation.
  • 5.Regression Testing:
  • Strategies for effective regression testing.
  • Learning how to ensure the stability of software applications during continuous development cycles.
  • 6.Bug Tracking and Reporting:
  • Introduction to bug tracking tools.(ADO)
  • Best practices for documenting and reporting software defects.
  • 7.Industry Best Practices:
  • Exploring industry standards and best practices in QA engineering.
  • Staying updated on the latest trends and advancements in the field.

Course Content

Intro to testing, intro to selenium, prerequisites for selenium

  • Intro to testing, intro to selenium, prerequisites for selenium

Intro to HTML,HTML Tags,Intro to java& Java Installation

Intellij Install,Create 1st java class,Error Types)

Variables,Data Types,Comments

Operators,Multi/Single line comment

Flow Control Statements

Selection,Iterative,Transfer Statements

Methods,Object Creation



Arrays,Object Class

String,String Methods,Wrapper Classes

Packages, Overloading/Overriding, Inheritance

Access Modifiers, Static Modifiers

Final,Abstract,Interface,Exception Handling

Exception Hierarchy,Types,File Handling

Collections, Reflection API

Selenium IDE, Basic Locators

Xpath,Writing relative ,absolute xpath

Xpath Functions,Xpath Axes(following)

Xpath Axes, Css selectors

Selenium setup,basic commands part1

Selenium Commands,Stale Reference,findElements

Handling Multiple windows,Waits basic

Wait,Handling Ajax calls,Alerts

Select class,Frame Introduction

Nested Frame,Action ,Robot class

Screenshot,Handling Calendar,Handlig Table

API Introduction,HTTP Methods

API Automation Using Rest assures , HTTP Status codes

Test Ng, priority, Assertion

Test Ng annotation, Enabled,Ignore

Group,depends on, Listener

Cucumber intro, feature file, step definition file

Background, Regular Expression-1

Regex, tags,comment in BDD

Git repo, git commands

Agile Methodology

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